Habana/Harlem® Reel

HABANA/HARLEM® celebrates the legacy of this historical nexus by exploring and supporting the development of vanguard yet distinctive culturally specific new work. Drawing from this source of inspiration, we aim to promote the work of artists seeking to raise awareness and consciousness of contemporary social issues while fostering dialogue, deepening cultural appreciation, and advancing greater understanding among diverse communities. 

Greatly exemplified and fueled by the friendships and rich exchange of concepts and ideas between artists such as Chano Pozo and Dizzy Gillespie, and many others, whom together changed the course of music history.

Yemaya: Merceditas Valdes con Yoruba Andabo

This anniversary concert at the Teatro Colón is from 1991. It documents an important period of collaboration between Merceditas and Yoruba Andabo which features Pancho Kinto, Roman Diaz, Chan, Fariñas and Olga Lydia dancing the part of Yemaya.

Sak Tzevul (Chiapas, una sola flor)

Recent video from of the song Chiapas una sola flor from Sak Tzevuls latest release Selva Sonadora. Forest of Dreams. Videoclip del Grupo Sak Tzevul, Chiapas una sola flor, en Tzotzil de Zinacantan.

HabanaHarlem @ Harlem Stage

In the tradition of Harlem Stage’s Harlem Stride program, this evening will feature a musical dialog between two world-renowned pianists — the New Orleans legend Henry Butler and Cuban sensation Osmany Paredes. The program will begin with curated selections from the late 20th century employing pieces from the «early jazz» period alongside ragtime, danzones, and habaneras to reveal and celebrate historical parallels.